Democrats Want To Start A “Street Fight” Between Trump And DeSantis

Democrats are running Joe Biden like a sock puppet. Biden is not in charge of his faculties, let alone the White House. He recently called his Vice President, Kamala Harris, President. He does not know much, but he knows he is on the clock and will expire soon. He knows the game, and Democrats use him to tank the economy and stoke fear and hatred.

So the liberal media are now doing everything they can to foment rivalry between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, the two men they perceive as a threat to their agenda. Trump went on a tear recently, nailing Biden and the Democrats and their failures to the wall. DeSantis has consistently become the most conservative politician in the country. He is taking unified and strategic action across the board to encourage freedom in his state and across the nation.

Democrats are like teenage Mean Girls trying to incite a quarrel between their competition for cheerleading positions or homecoming queen.

Trump has positioned himself as a promoter of nationalist Republican MAGA candidates in races through the US. He has met with federal and state legislators. But his primary problem is the failure of the Operations Warp Speed vaccines, which he continues to promote. Unless he comes down with a severe case of COVID-19 or experiences adverse side effects from boosters, he will not change his position or take points. He wants to take credit for advancing vaccinations rather than promoting freedom and bodily autonomy, which would make sense if the CDC did not change the definition of a vaccine from preventing infections and diseases to reducing symptoms or the duration of a virus. That used to be the definition of treatments like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

Democrat liberal media are attempting to drive a wedge between Trump and DeSantis on the issue of vaccines. President Trump never called DeSantis a thankless rapscallion or scallywag.

In a possible 2024 primary, if both men run, Trump and DeSantis will revisit the issue of COVID-19 and vaccinations. DeSantis said that he lamented that he did not stand up more powerfully against the government lockdown when COVID-19 hit in March 2020. The pandemic has been a moving target for all politicians preaching some caution but without valid data from the WHO or CDC to make solid decisions. Of course, if you give Democrats and autocrats in federal and state government power, they will not give it back. DeSantis focused on Dr. Anthony Fauci and his inconsistencies and oscillations. Fauci deserves much blame for depending on China and their recommendations rather than seeking independent verification from US health professionals and scientists. However, connections to Big Pharma and China compromised even US health policy administrators.

It was not an attack by DeSantis on President Trump, who has defended his decision not to fire the Feuer Fauci. It was the single defining mistake of the Trump presidency because it allowed the administrative agencies to take over the decision-making and execution process for months during 2020.

DeSantis said he is focused on winning re-election in 2022 rather than running for President in 2024.

Democrats liberal media pundits at the New York Times and the Daily Beast want to stoke the flames of competition in the GOP primary process. They loved how Trump slapped around Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz. They realize that DeSantis has become immune to their attacks. Therefore, the only one who can take out DeSantis becomes President Trump. Trump made a career violating the Eleventh Commandment by President Ronald Reagan during his 1966 campaign for Governor of California “do not speak ill of another Republican.” Trump’s Twelfth Commandment is “do not play by establishment rules in their game.”

We will see how this plays out.