Democrats Win Senate Control, Winning Nevada After Four Days Of Vote Counting

Questions are being raised about the state of the election system in Nevada after incumbent Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV) suddenly pulled ahead and was declared the winner on Saturday evening.

Democrats will maintain control of the Senate thanks to Cortez Masto’s narrow victory against Republican challenger Adam Laxalt, which the Associated Press projected late Saturday night. The Democrat incumbent won by just under 5,000 votes at the time the AP called the race, receiving 48.7% of the votes compared to 48.2% for Laxalt.

The Democrats now hold a 50-49 majority in the Senate, while the last remaining seat will be decided by a runoff election in Georgia in December between incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) and Republican candidate Herschel Walker.

“The party will retain control of the chamber, no matter how next month’s Georgia runoff plays out, by virtue of Vice President Kamala Harris’s tie-breaking vote,” the AP reported.

The election results in Nevada come following several days of delayed mail-in ballot counting, which has caused speculation among many on social media about potential foul play. Several Twitter users began raising questions on Saturday evening about the extended period of time it took to count ballots, the odd times of day when the elections are suddenly decided and the fact that the states with all of these problems happen to have essentially unrestricted mail-in voting.

“Honest question: Has there been a single race in 2020 or 2022 that took days to count and ended up turning in favor of Republicans? Why is that?” one Twitter user asked.

Josie, known on Twitter as “The Redheaded Libertarian,” sarcastically congratulated Senate Democrats in a tweet for “suddenly pulling ahead” and “winning surprise victories by the perfect margins.” She then pointed out that the sudden victory came “4 days after polls close,” “in the dead of night” and “only in states with mail in voting.” Josie went on to note that this is “the 2nd time in a row” that things like this have happened, and other than these instances, “we’d never seen anything like it in” 244 years.

“Congratulations to Democrats on finding the votes they needed in only four days this time!” Daily Wire host Michael Knowles sarcastically wrote.

CEO, pro bodybuilder and political commentator Marc Lobliner also shared his thoughts on the problems with the midterms in a tweet, asserting that “America is broken and probably can’t be fixed.”

“My thought: Nevada’s election had foul play that might have changed the outcome. Voting is meaningless in many states at this point with mail-in ballots and no voter ID. America is broken and probably can’t be fixed,” he wrote.