DeSantis Warns That Biden is Making Inflation Worse

Of all the issues facing America today under the Biden administration, economic woes definitely make the top of the list.

Problems with the economy are witnessed in the current prices of gas, growing interest rates, job layoffs, and Americans’ overall inability to afford the lifestyles they previously enjoyed.

Polling shows that many people are cutting back on time spent driving, turning to dollar stores for groceries, and otherwise downsizing their lives to avoid total financial ruin.

As all this plays out, the Biden administration continues to approve one form of federal spending after the next. Now, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is pointing out how one of the president’s latest initiatives will make inflation even worse.

DeSantis on Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Program
During a Tuesday press conference in Florida, DeSantis explained the negative ramifications to come from Biden distributing the student loan debt tab amongst everyday taxpayers.

According to the Florida governor, this will worsen inflation. DeSantis also pointed out that even a former Obama economist conceded Biden’s student loan relief program is like pouring gasoline on a fire.

Later during the press conference, DeSantis said Biden was inappropriately referring to an emergency law inspired by 9/11 as legal grounds for him to waive student loan debt.

After reiterating that Biden doesn’t have this authority, DeSantis also explained that Biden didn’t get to the root cause of the student loan debt crisis either.

According to the Florida governor, holding universities accountable for decades-long exploitation is the way to go, not forcing everyday Americans to pay for other people’s student loans.

A Bipartisan Viewpoint?
The flaws pointed out within Biden’s waiving of student loan debt have been mentioned not just by DeSantis, but also by Democrats who are trying to get elected or reelected into Congress this year.

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH), for instance, put out a statement that echoed some of DeSantis’ remarks. Ryan explained that workers in his state who don’t have student loans have been sent the “wrong message” by Biden’s policy.

Other Democrats have accused the president of going about this issue the incorrect way, whether this concerns Biden not working with Congress or his failure to address the root cause of high student loan debt.