Despite 100% Vaccination Rate On Cruise Ship, COVID Outbreak Ensues

A cruise ship is facing an epidemic of the coronavirus among its crew and passengers, despite carrying only “vaccinated” guests and personnel.

An unknown number of COVID-19 infections were reported on Princess Cruises owned “Ruby Princess”. The reports of the COVID-19 spread on the 951-foot cruise ship came out prior to its arrival in San Francisco on Sunday, after a 15-day cruise to Panama.

A representative for the ship informed USA Today that the ship will depart for a 15-day voyage to Hawaii later that day.

According to a statement issued by Princess Cruises on Monday, the passengers who were COVID-positive almost showed no symptoms, however they were quarantined and were looked after by the onboard medical staff. Individuals who were unable to finish their quarantine period were given accommodations on land to isolate.

Following the company’s “Current Health Protocols for Cruises” Princess Cruises assured that all of the passengers on board were “fully vaccinated”. The operator did not specify when the virus was discovered on the ocean liner.

The COVID vaccine trials have never shown any proof that the vaccine fully ceases the infection or its transmission, implying that the “completely vaccinated” can actually spread the virus.

As the number of Covid patients increase in the UK, US and Israel, it also appears that people’s hope in the vaccine working against the spread of the virus has decreased. This is due to the fact that these countries have the highest rates of vaccination.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky advised the public to keep their masks on regardless of the vaccination status in August 2021.
The cruise line requires guests to be vaccinated at least two weeks before the journey, with “admissible proof” when the guests check-in.

Princess Cruises stated that the COVID guidelines are in accordance with current CDC recommendations for “completely vaccinated cruises”.