Devos Urges Republicans To Vote For School Choice Policies

With one of the most important midterm elections in recent memory just around the corner, former Secretary of Education Betsy Devos told republicans to seize a “window of opportunity” to help give parents control of their child’s education.

Devos was speaking on Capitol Hill where she said that students are being held hostage by powerful teacher unions and controlling politicians. She continued by saying it was these same people who pushed for critical race theory and radical gender theory to be taught in school.

Devos, as you can see in the video below, has been a proponent of school choice for a long time now, and it was one of the reasons President Trump made her the Secretary of Education.

Her rhetoric on Capitol Hill was different. “Families in many cases are being subjected to a religion they don’t subscribe to. The schools they are fleeing will need to either pay attention and make changes or serve families that decide they want to have that experience,” Devos said.

A poll from June from “Real Clear Opinion” showed that 71% of voters backed school choice. That includes 75% of republicans and 69% of democrats.

Devos correctly stated, “Unfortunately, this is a bipartisan issue everywhere except Washington, D.C.”

Interestingly, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy gave a brief preview of the GOP’s “Commitment to America” plan that is going to be used both for campaigning and for policies once republicans control the house and senate.

With school choice being such a bipartisan issue that democrats fight against and republicans champion, many believed that it would be a larger part of the “Commitment to America.” If McCarthy’s preview holds true, however, school choice is barely mentioned.

Devos stated, “Now is the time to strike,” as both public opinion and republican policies align in the form of school choice. Arizona has made strides to make schools open to anyone, and Devos believes Florida will be next.

With the new republican plan being rolled out, stay tuned to see whether or not school choice gets a prominent place in republican policy.