DHS Secretary is Pleased With End of ‘Remain in Mexico’

Under the Trump administration, Remain in Mexico stood as one of America’s top immigration policies.

In a nutshell, Remain in Mexico ensured that migrants seeking to enter the United States had to wait in their home nations for the asylum process to play out.

This measure was put in place after years of migrants being released into America and then not returning for their asylum court hearings.

Yet, once the Biden administration got into office, it worked tirelessly to take down Remain in Mexico. For a while, the measure managed to withstand legal challenges.

However, that all changed after the Supreme Court issued a ruling that allows the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to eliminate Remain in Mexico.

Now, DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is confirming he’s satisfied with the ruling of the Supreme Court.

Mayorkas on the Takedown of Remain in Mexico
On Sunday, the DHS secretary informed ABC News about the administration’s relief that Remain in Mexico is gone.

Mayorkas claimed the policy mandating migrants wait in their home nations during the asylum process was “flawed” with “human costs” that couldn’t be justified.

The DHS secretary’s comments also came after strong efforts from pro-migration groups to end Trump-era immigration policies.

Even with Remain in Mexico on the books, illegal immigration at the southern border was still an issue under the Biden administration. Now, many concerns stand about possible upticks that could occur with another removed barrier to unlawful US entry.

More From Mayorkas on the Southern Border
In additional remarks to ABC News, the DHS secretary was clear that he has no real intentions of switching up the management of the southern border.

Mayorkas claimed a “good job” is being done. According to him, the administration’s managed to help thousands of migrants, along with preventing hundreds of vehicles from coming into the United States.

The official’s insistence on a job well done comes in spite of a United Nations group documenting record migrant deaths on the southern border just in 2021 alone.

Since Remain in Mexico has fallen, only time will tell if this year sees an increase in migrants who die while trying to unlawfully enter the United States.