Dr. Fauci Forgets What Country He Is In

There was an inflection point experienced by the entire country regarding Covid earlier this year. At the Super Bowl in Los Angeles very few people at the big game were wearing masks or social distancing. Although there were mandates still in place in cities across the country, as well as on planes and mass transit, everyone saw that there was a path to getting back to normal. Across the country people were accepting that Covid measures could be a personal choice.

As the momentum for the mandates began to wane, politicians were also seeing the polling data suggesting that people had mask fatigue. City by city, state by state, the mandates were lifted. For some reason the Biden administration stubbornly kept extending the airplane and mass transit mask mandate past its expiration date. During this entire time challenges to Covid regulations were winding through the court system. A federal court judge finally issued a ruling on whether the CDC had the authority to even issue the mandates.

U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle held that the CDC did not in fact have the authority to impose the mask restrictions on planes and entered an order nullifying its enforcement. The premise of the ruling had nothing to do with the efficacy of the masks, only that the CDC lacked the proper authority under the law. Predictably, Dr. Fauci was not happy with the result.

Dr. Fauci is ignoring the fact that he lives in America, and everything becomes a court issue. He also fails to realize that this is a country of three distinct branches which act as a check on each other. The entire point of our system of government is that it is designed to prevent the exact overreach of the sort the CDC is accused of. It is an imperfect system to be sure, and there may even be negative consequences because of courts inserting themselves into public health issues, but there is no medical exemption in the Constitution. Dr. Fauci and the CDC need to persuade the American people to adopt their viewpoints on how the pandemic should be managed instead of relying upon draconian mandates.