During The Call With Chinese President Xi Jinping, Joe Biden Shows His Double Standards

A two hour conference call took place between President Joe Biden and China’s President Xi Jinping. During the conference call, Joe Biden warned China that there would be dire consequences if they supported Russia during their invasion of Ukraine.

China released a transcript of the call. However The White House did release an official call summary and the Washington Times laid out the details of both. Biden warned the Chinese president about the consequences China could face if it backed Russia in the on-going war.

When asked about the consequences that China could face, the White House Officials refused to comment. Moreover, the two leaders talked about the economic competition among the two nations, US policy on Taiwan, and Xi Jinping’s stance on the Russia and Ukraine conflict. The Chinese president insisted that the two countries must work together in ensuring world peace.

The US is going all the way to support Ukraine by providing financial aid and equipment to Ukraine, destroying the Russian economy by imposing sanctions on them, and providing Ukraine with battlefield information through American satellites.

The confusing question is still there: how can the US take Ukraine’s side while denying China the the right to choose sides? Most of the consumer products in the US come from China, which is why it is understandable that China wants to be on America’s good side. This means that the US is not really in full control when it comes to the US and China relationship.