Elon Musk Isn’t Backing Down From His Legal Fight Against Twitter

Months ago, business tycoon Elon Musk seemed prepped and ready to purchase Twitter for billions of dollars. Initially, the social media company was hesitant about Musk’s offer. Yet, eventually, Twitter came around.

A deal was drawn up and set to proceed. However, Musk then raised issues with bots currently on Twitter. Specifically, the business mogul claimed that Twitter was dishonest and downplayed the number of bots on its platform.

Twitter, of course, denied this, but Musk withdrew his office and made it clear he wouldn’t be going through with the purchase after all. Twitter, therefore, sued the business tycoon as a means of forcing him to go through with the acquisition.

Now, new information has come out as Musk continues battling against Twitter in court.

A Critical Development
As Musk and Twitter fight it out in court, newly revealed text messages show that Musk spoke with former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, along with other Twitter and tech officials about the bots on the social media site.

The businessman pressed for particulars about Twitter’s codebase, along with solid proof to support Twitter’s claims that more than nine in ten accounts on the site are active, human users.

Additional text messages from Musk show that he didn’t get this information, thereby leading him to pull out of the deal with Twitter. These messages reveal the business tycoon’s willingness to have moved forward with the deal, if Twitter were able to present data confirming their claims about bots.

Later, Musk also made it clear that if Twitter wasn’t honest with him about the percentage of bots on the platform, then the site is also misleading its investors and advertisers.

Not a Good Look For Twitter
Unfortunately for Twitter, the company may have barked up the wrong tree by taking Musk to court in hopes of forcing him to go through with the original deal.

Right now, it’s looking as though close to 50% of users on Twitter could be bots. Meanwhile, the deal that Musk reached with Twitter was based on the claim of the site having barely 5% bots.

These newly released messages establish that Twitter was not forthcoming and very likely not honest either. The texts also show that Musk did his due diligence in double checking information provided before going through with a massive purchase.

At the rate things are going, Twitter’s legal action against Musk may end up being laughed out of court.