Entrepreneur Bill Bonner Declares Biden Is Wrong About Recession

Immensely wealthy Entrepreneur Bill Bonner recently came out with a dark prediction for the U.S. in the months ahead.

“COVID could look like a cakewalk compared to what lies ahead,” Bonner said in the address.

Bonner, known for his reclusive nature and regarded as one of the greatest innovators of the internet boom, recently released a video presented by Stansberry Research and titled “America’s Nightmare Winter Is Coming – Will You Be Ready?”

Bonner began by making clear to viewers that he is bound to no individual or entity and that his warning is not a publicity stunt.

“I believe it falls to someone like me to warn you clearly and without distraction,” began the billionaire. “I can do this now because I’m too rich to care about money. And I’m too old to care about what anyone says about me.”

He also briefly mentioned the three prior macroeconomic predictions he’s made over the last half-century and how all three rang true, despite being “mocked each time.”

Bonner says that failing power grids and diesel shortages are one of “two runaway freight trains barrelling towards each other on a collision path in our country today.”

“Almost every ship and every truck runs on diesel,” said Bonner. “So when the diesel fuels stop coming, ships stop sailing, trucks stop rolling, goods stop arriving. Food, medicine, building materials, everything.”

Bonner asserts that the second “freight train” that has America flirting with disaster is the “corruption” and “incompetence” of our leadership class.

“America’s elite…the people who control the government, the Fed, the media, Wall Street, and the universities…are corrupt and incompetent, and have put us on this path.”

“What I see on the horizon could be the worst crisis ever in the U.S.,” he added.