EU Threatens To Sabotage Hungary Over Ukraine Aid

The collectivist mindset of the European Union is allegedly planning to sabotage the Hungarian economy if Prime Minister Viktor Orban vetoes a Ukraine aid package worth billions of euros, according to The National Pulse.

EU bureaucrats drew up a document of the plan that was revealed to the Financial Times.

The document suggests that “in the case of no agreement in the February 1 [EU summit], other heads of state and government would publicly declare that in the light of the unconstructive behavior of the Hungarian PM… they cannot imagine” Hungary’s share of EU funding would be provided.

The document also suggests that “financial markets and European and international companies might be less interested [in investing] in Hungary” after the punishment for failing to conform.

This, in turn, “could quickly trigger a further increase of the cost of funding of the public deficit and a drop in the currency.”

Brussels’ strategy would target Hungary’s current economic weaknesses to engineer a collapse in investor confidence. This would negatively impact “jobs and growth” if Budapest refuses to get on board and rubber stamp the aid package to Ukraine.

Translation: Do what the collective says or go broke; conform or die. It doesn’t matter if Orban has Hungary’s best interest in mind when it comes to handing over its money to Ukraine.

The EU has spoken. It’s Orban’s job to sell it to his people and comply.

On Monday, Orban’s minister for EU Affairs, Bóka János, said that “Hungary does not give in to blackmail!”

On Tuesday, Orban vowed he wouldn’t be bullied by EU conformists in a post on X:
“The cat is out of the bag. Forget about the rule of law, Hungary is blackmailed for having its own opinion on #migration, the war in #Ukraine and #genderpropaganda. We will defend our interests. #Hungary cannot be blackmailed!”

A Europe consultant told the Financial Times, “This is Europe telling Viktor Orbán enough is enough; it’s time to get in line.”

Orban has been called “Russia’s Trojan Horse inside the EU,” and a “far-right” leader because he continually puts Hungary and its Christian values first.

It is reminiscent of the Russian Collusion Hoax leveled at Donald Trump and his vow to put America first.

We live in an era where individual countries are pitted against the collective just as individuals are threatened by conformists.

Orban stands as an individual who puts his country first. Is that a crime?