Even CNN Is Bailing on President Joe Biden

Make no mistake, CNN controls every minute of the content on its network. Cable television is incredibly expensive to produce, and nothing makes the air unless CNN producers approve it. That is why when the network airs a piece claiming that Joe Biden is close to the point of no return with American voters, it means that he has lost the last asset his administration had.

Joe Biden’s polling numbers continue to sink. His current disapproval numbers are at 52.4%.

Every poll shows that the Democrat party is going to suffer historic, once-in-a-lifetime losses in the midterms. They have even resorted to trying to disqualify Republican incumbents like Marjorie Taylor Greene through trumped-up charges in the courts.

Conservatism is on the march and racking up the wins. The recently leaked Supreme Court of the United States draft opinion that allegedly overturns Roe v. Wade has the Democrats losing their minds.

Your average American sees these types of reactions and does not identify with them. They see crime rising, food costs rising, energy costs rising and a broken and perverse public school system.

Democrats are losing Hispanics. Democrats are losing independents. There is no path to victory without these groups, and CNN knows it. The liberal establishment knows it.