Every Democrat Hates Joe Manchin

White House Press Secretary Circle Back Jen Psaki let everyone know how much she hates Joe Manchin for standing his ground and refusing Joe Biden’s orders to tank the economy. She blames West Virginia’s most outspoken Democrat Senator Joe Manchin for his resistance to her demands for his vote on the Build Back Better spending boondoggle.

In October, Senator Manchin met with the anti-President sock puppet Joe Biden at his home in Wilmington. Joe told him to help the Democrats use the Build Back Better plan to destroy the country’s supply chain and ruin our economy.

In November, under the rule of Democrat Representative Nancy Pelosi, the House passed the multi-trillion-dollar Build Back Better plan. Manchin answered questions honestly, pointing out that “shell games” and “tricks” in the bill are a formula for financial ruin and skyrocketing inflation.

Where Democrats see payoffs to donors, Manchin sees shell games and spending plan tricks. According to Manchin, the actual costs of the supposed $1.75 trillion bill will be over $4 trillion when the timing is considered.

Biden sent out his bulldog Psaki to beat Manchin back in line. She claims that Manchin’s remarks earlier today on FOX violate his promise to Joe Biden. It was a surprise to Manchin, who never promised to vote for the bill.

She claimed that he was duplicitous and going against his public expressions. Representative Manchin never swore to vote for the bill. He promised to seek a better deal, a sincere effort at compromise, which the Democrats refused to do. Typically Democrats are harassing linguine-spined Republicans who give in to their pressure. But it appears that good ole’ Joe Manchin likes to think for himself.

Senator Manchin came to the White House and gave Biden-Harris a blueprint for a new Build Back Better bill. According to Psaki, it would be a similar size and cover similar needs in a way that he considered a reasonable deal. Manchin vowed to proceed with discussions. But Jen thought that meant he would give in when they shoved the same bill through without revisions. Joe had some changes in mind that Chuck Schumer did not think were worth his time.

University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Budget Institute reported that the Build Back Better plan over the long haul would ease inflationary tensions. It is an insane statement that further discredits a failing higher education system. Even high school civics teachers know that sucking more money into the DC maw will harm our economy and drive up inflation.

Jen thinks she gets to play an economist instead of Press Secretary, lecturing Manchin and Americans about how Build Back Better brings down families’ costs. She is lying with a straight face, but she’s not very good at it, and everyone knows it.

She thinks that it will reduce the cost of childcare and physician-recommended drugs. We know what will happen to jobs and health care under the inept Biden maladministration, the same thing that has occurred over the last year. These outrageous claims are distractions because most of the spending in this bill goes right into the pockets of Democrats.

Manchin said this drives up our deficit, but Circle Back Jen told him to shut his mouth.

Manchin said that environmental nonsense and Green New Deal laws would destroy America’s energy sector. It is a significant part of the West Virginia economy. Rather than changing it, the Democrat got Jen to tell Joe that the BBB will make clean energy the future for this nation. Because when your gas is $15 per gallon, you will have to walk to work.