Ex-ABC Reporter Guilty In Shocking Child Exploitation Case

Former investigative journalist for ABC News, James Gordon Meek, has pleaded guilty to child exploitation charges, marking a disturbing fall from grace. With a career decorated with accolades, Meek’s downfall underscores the dark underbelly that can lurk behind even the most illustrious of facades.

In a solemn Virginia federal court, 53-year-old Meek admitted guilt to charges related to transporting and possessing child exploitation material, which attracts a potential sentence of five to forty years. However, under the terms of his plea deal, it’s more likely that the former journalist will serve the minimum term of five years.

His plea marks the culmination of a year-long investigation that began when Dropbox alerted authorities to suspicious content on his account. This digital tip-off led to an FBI raid on Meek’s Arlington home in April 2022, resulting in the seizure of his electronic devices. Subsequent findings on these devices confirmed the disturbing nature of Meek’s private activities.

Federal prosecutors identified three conversations where Meek expressed his dark inclinations toward children. This led to the discovery of child exploitation photos and videos he had sent and received on his phone. This evidence brings into question the disconnect between his public and private persona.

As if this was not alarming enough, an FBI affidavit indicated that dozens of images and videos of child exploitation found in Meek’s possession dated back to 2014. It also revealed that he had used platforms like Snapchat, often under the guise of a young girl, to manipulate minors into sending him explicit photos.

Once a respected figure in the journalistic community, Meek had been hired by ABC News in 2013 after a stint with the New York Daily News. He is best known for his role in producing Hulu’s 2021 documentary “3212 Un-redacted” about a US Special Forces mission in Niger and as a senior counterterrorism advisor and investigator for the US House Committee on Homeland Security starting in 2011.

In the wake of the FBI raid, Meek resigned from ABC News, maintaining a low profile in the subsequent months. With his sentencing scheduled for September, the upcoming courtroom proceedings will expose the depth of Meek’s criminal conduct.