Fact Check: Are 30 Million Americans Ready ‘To Take Up Arms’ For Trump?

On NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, MSNBC network national affairs analyst John Heilemann made the unsettling if genuine claim that there are “30 million people right now who are ready to take up arms” for Donald Trump to install him as president by force.

Keep dreaming, Blue-Anon fanfic readers. That’s not going to happen.

These people have jobs. The research that Mr. Heilemann cites says so many white-collar jobs are doing incredible work.

And families to worry about.

Or at least something they want to masturbate to later, like their FB group’s posts of your news articles and segments saying 30 million people are going to take up arms and do some extreme LARPing.

And I think Avatar 2 is still coming out.

There’s a new Matrix. Apple will make cool glasses, and someone will look good wearing them. Virtual reality is looking good in the ’20s. Life extension keeps making progress. When the rate of progress exceeds how many years somebody has left in a natural span, all those bodies might live as long as they’d like.

Peer-to-peer network architecture is at the dawn of a golden age. The more people use apps with massive server banks and human user bases, the more they seem to be coming alive or something. Who honestly hates their mom and dad so much that they would instead all shoot each other than go and play, go and play, and forget about “the movement?”

A side note to anyone who is thinking about starring in a porno like the ones you and MSNBC like so much:

Bro, if you’re that mad and you’ve been avoiding them, pick up the phone and call your mother or father and be nice for ten minutes, then give a polite excuse that you got to get off the phone. It costs you nothing. It transfers to them and you something priceless that you’re missing if all the wonders of the modern world aren’t enough for you to want to get in a shooting fight. Or maybe just star in a literal porno. Try dick or something.
Idk. Eat some gummies. Cruise hotel bars near airports for cougars or do some self-care. Cover your entire body in clay facial masque while listening to your favorite music, then peel it off and tell me life isn’t good.

But is Heilemann’s claim valid?

Only partially so, and also not really.

“The strength of that Gellman piece is it lays out this extraordinary reality that there is this research that shows something like 8% and maybe as many as 12% that say Joe Biden was illegitimate and violence is an appropriate tool to remove him and restore Donald Trump. That’s between 20 and 30 million people. That’s a mass movement in America favoring political violence, which is new. We’ve been political violence before, lynching, many things over time that African-Americans have suffered, but this is 30 million people right now who are ready to take up arms.”

Ok, settle down, Rev. Sharpton. These guys haven’t terrorized African Americans. If they threatened anyone, they threatened Congress. They went to the Capitol. Their beef is with the government, or with Democrats, the establishment, or whatever, so let’s keep it honest about what we’re dealing with.

And suppose you click the link to the Gellman piece and read. In that case, you see Heilemann is playing a game of “Telephone” and garbling Gellman’s citation of the Public Religion Research Institute “American Values 2021” survey. First of all, the percentage in the study is higher than 18%, not 12%. But they don’t say they are ready to take up arms for Trump. The survey question that got an agreement from 18% of the respondents was worded: “Because things have gotten so far off track, true American patriots may have to resort to violence to save our country.”

People were saying the same things in the ’90s with Clinton as president. It never happened. It’s just locker room talk, boys and girls with toxic masculinity blowing off some steam. Now we can all easily listen in on each other’s locker rooms, giving news hypesters plenty of material to work into an erotic story to arouse their audiences. Also, the Trump and QAnon types like to cause a little mayhem in surveys. It’s one thing to flex for the Public Religion Research Institute, another thing to brush the Dorito dust off and get your rump off the couch for an armed insurrection.

And the rightwing specifically quieted down with that kind of talk with incredible lockstep discipline under Obama because they are terrified even to appear racist. And no one had just done a very stupid and vicious global lockdown on them or started appropriating their private medical records as public property in a most intolerable intrusion.

Let’s not forget to put things in perspective:

“Because things have gotten so far off track, true American patriots may have to resort to violence to save our country” is the fundamental premise of the US government, which ultimately resorts to violence to “save our country” from what ostensibly only violence or the deterrent threat of violence can save us. So they’re not radicals, but in the mainstream of US thinking by agreeing to this statement. They might not mean anything of the sort, that they intend themselves to subvert a US election or law by organized force of arms, which was not the question.