‘Fatal Overdoses’ Soar In Colorado After Democrats Change Drug Law

An alarming spike in fatal drug overdoses in Colorado is being laid squarely at the feet of Democratic lawmakers who refused to hear pleas from law enforcement and district attorneys. Commerce City police officers found five adults, three men and two women, dead in an apartment Sunday after receiving a call concerning unconscious adults. Drugs found in the apartment were confirmed to be fentanyl, and now a four-month-old baby is without parents.

Despite warnings for over two years that Democratic legislation made small amounts of almost all drugs a misdemeanor, the only exceptions to decriminalizing possession of four grams or less of drugs were date rape drugs and bath salts. Proponents of the 2019 law said they were attempting to help addicts and not “just incarcerate ourselves out of this mess.”

The Colorado District Attorneys’ Council had a markedly different viewpoint from the liberals, questioning the creation of roadblocks to prosecuting dealers who distribute death in its communities. Their pleas to include fentanyl in the exemptions to the short-sighted legislation fell on deaf ears, and even the knowledge that four grams are equivalent to 13,000 fatal doses did not sway Democrats.

The results?

The total of all overdose deaths due to opioids, including opioid analgesic and heroin, spiked by 54% in the first year of the Democratic legislation. The news on fentanyl is even worse. In 2020, after the new law took effect, a complete 68% of opioid analgesic deaths involved fentanyl, and the number of fentanyl deaths more than doubled! Even more disturbing, the first year of Colorado’s latest social engineering experiment produced the most overdose fatalities ever recorded in the state.

Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen, on the front lines of illegal drug intervention, concedes that the law was well-intended, but “people are dying” now that “anything under four grams is a misdemeanor.” Eighth District Congressional candidate Tyler Allcorn, a former Green Beret, describes the carnage in the suburbs of Denver as something you might see “in a war zone” and urges Democrats to face up to their mistake and change the state’s laws back to targeting fentanyl.

Tom Ranyes, Executive Director of the Colorado District Attorneys’ Council, admonishes state Democrats to admit and correct their mistakes and turn away from “complicity” in the surge of fentanyl overdose deaths.

So, are the Democrats listening?

State Representative Shane Sandridge, co-sponsor of the law to decriminalize small amounts of narcotics, is not. Instead, he demands that District Attorneys “do their job” and start using existing laws before demanding new ones. Further, Sandridge urges DAs to stop going for the straightforward plea and “do the work.”

Five adults are dead, and an infant is orphaned.