Fauci is Now Changing His Tune About the Origins of COVID-19

Nearly since the inception of COVID-19, there have been various theories that the virus leaked from a Chinese lab. This also ties in with gain-of-function research reports, along with questions about the United States government’s role in funding this research.

White House medical adviser Anthony Fauci initially denied that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) used US taxpayer dollars to fund gain-of-function research in China. Though later on, the NIH released its own statement that contradicted Fauci’s denial.

Fauci’s track record also involves refuting claims that the Chinese communist regime covered up information about COVID-19. Though the medical adviser is now conveniently walking this back as well.

Fauci Finally Admits the Truth?
When Americans first suggested that COVID-19 came from a lab leak and was ultimately concealed by the Chinese government, they were deemed as liars and conspiracy theorists.

Though during a recent talk with The Atlantic, Fauci admittedly in a roundabout way that this is likely what happened.

According to the medical adviser, in a scenario where COVID-19 stemmed from China, the regime would naturally be “secretive” about this in order to avoid blame from the rest of the world.

Fauci also informed The Atlantic that an “open mind” is critical when considering the origins of COVID-19 and the possibility of this virus leaking from a lab in China.

Later, Fauci stated if it does turn out that China intentionally concealed its ties to COVID-19’s origin, this was done by the government, not by scientists or citizens of the communist nation.

Not Off the Hook
Fauci’s reversal on the lab leak theory and COVID-19’s most likely origin comes weeks after he announced he’ll be retiring at the end of the year.

Republicans made it clear that whether Fauci follows through with this or not, he’ll still be under congressional investigation once Republicans take back the House of Representatives.

Since 2020, leaked emails and other forms of intelligence have shown Fauci knew far more about COVID-19 than he let on. Some reports even charge the medical adviser of secretly mocking Americans whom he convinced to wear face masks.

Between lying about gain-of-function research and supporting restrictions that hurt children, jobs, and societal stability, Fauci has a lot to answer for.

The American people deserve honest explanations.