Fauci Says He Isn’t Paying Attention To Musk’s Accusations

Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Biden’s chief medical adviser and the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said he does not “pay any attention” to Twitter CEO Elon Musk, citing him as a distraction.

Fauci, who is stepping down this month from his high-level federal work, has served as an advisor to every president of the U.S. since Ronald Reagan and has worked in the public health sector in various roles.

Fauci’s statements of Musk stem from Musk’s tweet on Sunday that packed a whole lot of punch in five words.

“My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci,” the tweet read.

The left has lost its mind over the insult to the medical god and what they call the promotion of hate speech toward the LGBTQ community.

Hear Fauci’s response to Elon Musk’s attacks

Fauci was interviewed by CNN’s David Axelrod and asked what he thought about the tweet:

“I don’t respond to him. I don’t pay any attention to him because that’s merely a distraction. And if you get drawn into that, and I have to be honest, that cesspool of interaction, it’s — there’s no value added to that, David. It doesn’t help anything.”

Of course, Fauci wants to ignore Musk. Musk is said to be bringing receipts of the corruption behind the scenes of Twitter and the U.S. government, specifically with Fauci himself.

Republican leaders have been very vocal about their dissatisfaction with the answers for the origins of COVID — some even vowing to take Fauci to Capitol Hill after they take over the House in January.

Fauci took to another outlet to reaffirm his stance on “not paying attention.” In an interview with scientific journal “Nature,” he was asked what he thought of the tweet that called for his prosecution and claimed that he lied to Congress and funded research that killed millions of people.

He responded by saying:

“I don’t pay attention to that, Max, and I don’t feel I need to respond. I don’t tweet. I don’t have a Twitter account. A lot of that stuff is just a cesspool of misinformation, and I don’t waste a minute worrying about it.”

Although Fauci made it clear he doesn’t pay attention, he did have some remarks to make about his personal safety:

“Of course, it’s at risk. That’s why I have armed federal agents with me all the time. That stirs up a lot of hate in people who have no idea why they’re hating — they’re hating because somebody like that is tweeting about it,” he said when asked if he thought his safety was at risk.

Fauci may not be paying attention, but it’s clear the rest of the world is as it awaits Musk’s next intel release.