FBI Reportedly Seized Constitutionally Protected Records From Trump During Raid

The cloud surrounding the FBI’s unprecedented raid on former President Donald Trump’s Florida home intensified with reports that they seized records covered by attorney-client privilege.

Last week’s raid took away five boxes and a set of documents that sources say were privileged information protected by the Sixth Amendment. They are all listed on the FBI’s property receipt, which along with the search warrant was released late last week.

Some of the documents seized were labeled “top secret,” though Trump said emphatically that all of the records in his possession had been declassified.

The tactics employed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) were already under fire before the revelation of the privileged documents was made. This along with baseless but breathless insinuations by the mainstream media that Trump harbored “nuclear secrets” in his private residence.

The DOJ also rejected a request by the former president’s team to appoint a “special master,” an independent judicial official to oversee the documents. That person would decide which materials would be kept by the government and which need to be returned to Trump and his lawyers.

Communications between an attorney and their client, with very specific exceptions, are constitutionally protected. Without these circumstances, they may not be revealed.

The broad and public nature of the unprecedented raid at Mar-a-Lago is coming under increased scrutiny from critics and scholars alike. Legal expert Jonathan Turley notes the sweeping nature of the search warrant lent itself to seizure of just about any records kept in the home.

Interestingly, there’s another example of the Biden administration’s belief that it can say anything and its followers will blindly accept it. This week, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed the president had no idea that the raid was coming.

Jean-Pierre told reporters that “the president was not briefed, was not aware of it.” An FBI raid on Biden’s 2020 and possible 2024 opponent’s personal residence, and he knew nothing about it?

Democrats need to pray that a miracle prevents them from losing the House in the November midterms. They are currently acting as though they will remain in power forever and will never face oversight. That could be a tragic mistake for the leftist party.