Few Americans Are Worried About Catching Monkeypox

As Americans get back to their normal lives despite the existence of COVID-19, many officials have begun raising various red flags about monkeypox.

According to Joe Biden, this virus is something that every American should be concerned about and take seriously. Meanwhile, left-wing states like Illinois, California, and New York have declared states of emergency over this virus.

Republicans, such as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), have warned these emergency declarations are going to be used to control people and trample on their freedoms. Others have pointed out that monkeypox primarily exists between men who are intimately involved with one another.

Likewise, Florida surgeon general Joseph Ladapo encouraged Americans not to fall for fearmongering over monkeypox or anything else.

Despite the alarmism that’s being projected by Democrats and the mainstream media, a new poll shows most Americans aren’t falling for the hype.

Facts Over Fear
A recent poll by The Economist and YouGov confirms that 67% of Americans aren’t concerned about coming down with monkeypox. Only 11% of the country reported feeling “very worried” about being infected by this virus.

As some people might imagine, fears of monkeypox vary across the political aisle. Most GOP members (80%) and Independents (70%) have few to no worries. However, 47% of Democrats harbor at least moderate concerns about monkeypox.

The nearly seven in ten Americans who aren’t that concerned about monkeypox exist in spite of the federal government declaring a national emergency of its own. According to the Health and Human Services Department, a “next level” response to monkeypox is coming.

The department also continues urging the American people not to be cavalier about monkeypox and to “take responsibility” in the fight to end this virus.

Vaccine Mandates Incoming?
After what Americans faced with COVID-19 vaccine mandates, some people are warning that officials are preparing to take another stab at these types of directives with monkeypox.

These warnings are driven by the US government putting in an order for millions of monkeypox vaccines on Biden’s watch. People haven’t forgotten that just last year, the president attempted to force through a nationwide COVID-19 vaccine mandate for nearly every worker in the country.