Fight Breaks Out At Schoolboard Meeting Over “Racially Insensitive” Mascot

Last week, a fight broke out at a Glastonbury, Connecticut school board meeting. An unidentified man allegedly punched a school board member in the face in a video obtained by NBC Connecticut.

The fight reportedly broke out over an argument about a school’s potentially racially insensitive mascot, the Glastonbury Honkies. The mascot is a student in a pointy white robe with holes for the eyes, holding a baseball bat like Steve from Stranger Things.

Just kidding, it’s the Tomahawks.

They’re the Tomahawks. What is insensitive about representing Native Americans in a school logo and their school spirit for winning sports games?

Conservatives aren’t just trying to bicker and indeed aren’t being racist they really can’t understand how the political correctness police of the left may have reservations about a school mascot like this.

It’s enough to make you feel like you must be going crazy, or the people all around you, even the ones that run your school board, are going crazy. It’s enough to make steam come out of your ears trying to wrap your mind around how people can be so petty and stupid.

It’s enough to make you stand up and yell in a school board meeting and make a big scene. It might almost be enough to make you get right up in another man’s face, so close if either one of you moved forward an inch you’d be kissing, but in most cases, probably not, because that would be gay, and most guys aren’t gay, as a very high percentage of them.

But you know what might be enough, if you were already on edge, let’s say, part of an at-risk population to push you over the edge, to get right up to another man’s face and tell him, “Tomahawks isn’t racist! Stop being weird with all this liberal psychobabble!”

It is as if you were each wearing a face mask to cover up your face so that you wouldn’t be kissing if you were that close. Then you’d feel safe. Too safe. You’d feel invincible. You’d feel like you probably could kiss that other man right through the masks, and it wouldn’t even be gay. And you’d get right up, like so right up, next to his stupid, liberal face, and tell him off.

Now I’m not an engineer exactly, but if they weren’t wearing pants, they’d be sword fighting. No man would feel comfortable getting that close to another man under normal circumstances, even in a rage about them canceling more minorities to help minorities.

But these aren’t normal circumstances. Those masks got them this close, which was enough to ignite an explosive situation. There’s no telling for sure if it would have been different had there been no masks on in the room, but I have trouble believing there isn’t a massive, unseen, environmental cost to mask mania in the psychological climate.

And I’m sure there’s such a cost to these “political correctness” crusades that turn lefties on so much.