First Busload of Migrants From Texas Arrives in NYC

New York City now gets to see first-hand what residents along the border deal with every day. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s first busload of illegal migrants arrived in the Big Apple Friday morning.

This comes mere days after NYC Mayor Eric Adams turned down Abbott’s invitation to tour the chaos that is the nation’s southern border. Adams declared it to be merely a photo op.

Abbott already shipped over 6,100 migrants to Washington D.C. since April, and city officials there now call it a “humanitarian crisis.” Now the shift is on to NYC, where Abbott said Friday they should be welcomed.

Roughly 50 arrived at the Port Authority in New York City Friday morning. Charity workers and volunteers met them there.

He noted that the city is an “ideal destination” for thousands more migrants who continue to pour across the border into Texas. Abbott urged Adams to follow through on “the abundance of city services and housing” that the mayor touted as part of his metropolis being a “sanctuary city.”

The city, Abbott said, should enforce its right to housing laws that guarantee “emergency shelter for every unhoused person.”

Adams has already warned that the city’s homeless shelters will be overloaded with migrants. Recent arrivals from various starting locations are added to by the buses from Texas, though nowhere near the scale that border communities without similar resources face every day.

New York City Hall Press Secretary Fabien Levy told reporters that his city will continue to welcome asylum seekers. It will, however, need resources to assist its efforts.

Levy went on to call Abbott an “inept politician.”

The Texas governor put the blame for the migrant crisis squarely at the feet of the Biden administration. Despite the ludicrous recent claim by the Department of Homeland Security that the border is “closed,” a record number of encounters have been recorded in the past year.

Ill-informed mayors in cities far removed from the border crisis like to grandstand and declare their municipalities to be “sanctuaries” against deportation. All Abbott is doing is making them back up their words, and in some small way sharing the burden his constituents unfairly bear.