Florida Gov. DeSantis Has A few Awful News For Democrats

If there’s one person in America Democrats do not like, it’s Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Time and time again, DeSantis has stood up to Democrats, even going toe to toe with leftists like Joe Biden, who is dead set on infringing upon Americans’ rights. 

Earlier this week, Democrats went berserk when DeSantis referred to the White House as the “Brandon administration.” It was a clear nod to Let’s Go Brandon, a trend that has surged across the United States due to the massive failure of Biden as president. 

However, as it turns out, the Florida governor has even more bad news for the dishonest Democrats. This week, DeSantis announced an Office of Election Crimes and Security, as documented by Red State.

For all of this year, Democrats have gone nuts even when someone so much as mentions the words election security. However, this has not stopped Governor DeSantis from announcing the reinstatement of a police unit to go after persons who commit election crimes. 

The Florida governor made it very clear there would be no tolerance for cheating in elections. DeSantis also stated those who opt to engage in election crimes would be held legally accountable. Finally, the Florida governor also clearly supports increasing the legal penalties for individuals engaging in election fraud. 

Leftists went crazy after hearing this. As Democrats usually do, they resumed attacking the Florida governor and criticizing a police unit in Florida to prevent cheating in elections. There was absolutely no substance to any criticism. However, it revealed how terrified Democrats are of being held accountable for election rigging and voter fraud.

Now, Democrats have repeatedly said voter fraud is a conspiracy from Republicans. Leftists also maintain absolutely no evidence to support the notion of wrongdoing or foul play in political elections. 

If this were the case, Democrats would not have had such strong emotions to the suggestion of an anti-fraud police force. The leftist rage comes from knowing they will not cheat in Florida elections and not be held responsible. 

Quite frankly, every single state across America should take a page from DeSantis’ book in this regard. We need to make sure America’s elections are clean and fair. That’s the reality. 

If Democrats aren’t planning to cheat and rig elections, they have nothing to be worried or angry about.