Florida Lt. Gov. Claps Back At New York Governor, Says Her State Has Been ‘Run Into the Ground’

Florida Lt. Gov. Jeanette Núñez (R) roasted New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D), calling her out for telling conservatives to get out of her state because they are “not New Yorkers.”

Hochul made the divisive comments during a Monday evening rally for Democrat candidate Pat Ryan, who later won the special election for Congress in his district.

“Just jump on a bus and head down to Florida where you belong, OK?” the governor said, addressing the 5.4 million conservatives in her state. “You are not New Yorkers.”

During an appearance on Newsmax’s “Eric Bolling: The Balance,” Florida’s lieutenant governor responded to Hochul’s remarks — informing the New York governor that conservatives have already left her state seeking freedom in Florida.

“Well, I have news for her: Her residents have left in droves — and she hasn’t been paying attention — and they’ve come to the free state of Florida, where you can actually work, own a business, make a living, send your kids to school, reject the biomedical state, worship your creator,” Núñez said.

“So, she doesn’t need to worry,” she added. “They’ve already left her state and they’ve come to the free state of Florida where we represent everybody.”

Núñez went on to point out that, while Democrats love to call conservatives “fascists,” they are actually the ones who fit the definition of that word perfectly.

“And they like to equate us to fascists, but they’re the ones that only want to listen to their own point of view,” the lieutenant governor said. “They’re the ones that believe they are the only ones that understand what’s right and wrong.”

She then pointed out the stark differences between tyrannical New York and freedom-loving Florida.

“Here in Florida, we believe in putting the power in the people’s hands,” Núñez said. “They can make their choices as to whether or not they want to be vaccinated. They can make their choices as to what they want to do with their businesses. We stand for freedom. We’re excited about the next couple of months being able to showcase the difference between a state well-run and a state that’s being run into the ground.”

Florida stands for “faith, family and freedom,” she noted.

“The left can’t hide their disdain for average, everyday, hard-working Americans, blue-collar folks that have spent their lives working, paying taxes, being upstanding citizens,” Núñez continued.

“They view those people as a basket of deplorables or now semi-fascist, or that they have hate in their heart, and all of this just amounts to nothing more than the left, the liberal elites, all of those folks that want to have nothing to do with people that love America, that love faith, family and freedom,” she added.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Núñez are running together for reelection against Rep. Charlie Crist (D-FL), a former Republican who has made equally divisive remarks about his opponents.

“Sorry, Charlie, Floridians are well aware of your long history,” Núñez said. “Today he’s a Democrat. Yesterday he was independent. The day before that he was a Republican. He’s for pro-life. He’s against it. He’s for school choice. He’s against it.”

The lieutenant governor also called out her political counterpart, Crist’s running mate Karla Hernandez-Mats, a former Miami teachers union head.

“I mean, just his recent LG pick just goes to show you how far left they have gone,” Núñez said. “They have a commie sympathizer lockdown liberal that equates parents to violent crazies. I mean, what is going on in the Democratic Party? I don’t understand it.”

“Floridians don’t understand it, and I think that their voices are going to be heard loud and clear,” she concluded.