Food Shortages Are More Likely to Occur Due to Inflation

America’s economic problems, such as inflation, are having horrible ripple effects that are still playing out in real time.

Because prices are getting higher, some people are cutting back on their spending in critical areas. For certain families, that means less food on the table. For others, it means draining savings accounts or cutting back on planned vacations.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is still undermining just how serious inflation is. Days before the Labor Department revealed the new 9.1% rate, the White House was already telling the country the reported rate would be “over elevated.”

Now, one leading Republican congresswoman is warning about just how dangerous inflation truly is.

Food Shortages Coming Soon?
During an interview with Fox News last week, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) explained just how deeply inflation connects with food shortages.

As Blackburn pointed out, farmers (some of the main suppliers of food) are already cutting back on the number of crops they’re planting. This reduction ultimately boils down to the rising costs of fuel and fertilizer.

When fewer farmers are able to afford crop planting, this means a reduced supply of food will exist in the market. A lower supply of food, combined with higher prices of currently available food, creates a perfect storm.

The end scenario here is more people being unable to afford to feed themselves and their children. America’s already gotten a sneak peek at this via the baby formula shortage which led to the hospitalizations of multiple infants.

Blackburn then told Fox News that many Americans today are living in fear of potential food shortages to come.

The Intentional Endgame?
With inflation ravaging the economy, it’s worth remembering that Biden predicted food shortages months ago.

The president stated that because of the ongoing war in Ukraine, Americans could possibly expect shortages of food.

However, what Biden failed to mention is how inflation could make food production and distribution more challenging, while the existing food supply becomes more expensive.

As things seemingly take a turn for the worst in America, one of Biden’s advisors recently stressed the importance of “standing firm” in support of a “liberal world order.” Ironically, this statement was made in response to questions about inflation.