Foreign Leaders Continue to Disrespect Biden

France just had a presidential election and Emmanuel Macron defeated Marine Le Pen. And the newly reelected president seems to have blown off President Biden recently. You would think Macron would be focused on generating as much support as possible, especially from the most powerful person in the world (allegedly). But it certainly doesn’t look like he’s concerned.

This is a big deal. France is in a unique position to withstand the shocks to the energy sector because of the war in Ukraine given that it has a robust nuclear energy sector. Nuclear energy is clean and most importantly, consistent.

This is not the first time that Biden has been ignored by foreign leaders. Saudi Arabia and the UAE refused to take his call when the President was talking about possibly increasing oil production to deal with the fallout of the Russia sanctions. Unlike the Macron congratulatory call, the OPEC call was in the interest of the United States and her people. Being ignored by world leaders shows that the perception is that we are no longer in a Unipolar world. It does not matter if this is true or not.

If the world perceives that the US can be ignored without consequence, then the perception becomes reality. Part of the United States strength is its perceived ability to project power. Every time a world leader does not take our call that perception wanes and it becomes a self-fulfilling cycle. If we are not perceived as strong, our enemies are emboldened, and President Biden is one of weakest presidents in US history. Tough times are ahead.