Former Biden Aide Thinks Supreme Court Will Ban Black History

MSNBC host Symone Sanders delivered an unfounded word of caution to her fans on Saturday, asserting that the U.S. Supreme Court will soon make a series of rulings that brings extreme implications, including turning students away from daycare based on their religious beliefs and banning the teaching of ‘Black history.’

The former Joe Biden campaign aide’s remarks came on a Saturday broadcast of MSNBC’s “Symone,” during which she reportedly argued that the overturning of Roe v. Wade suggests that there is only more to come in regard to her perceived attacks “on our fundamental rights and freedoms.”

According to Sanders, it is “not hyperbole” to claim that the court will make numerous radical rulings in coming decisions.

While speaking on MSNBC, Sanders referenced two cases filed by Students for Fair Admissions, which pertain to if race should influence any decisions surrounding college admissions.

“If the Supreme Court decides that race-conscious decision-making and policies are unconstitutional, then everything from special government contracts and programs for minority-owned businesses to targeted corporate recruitment at HBCUs would all be in jeopardy … Lawmakers, they could argue that specialized disciplines like African American or Latin American history are race-conscious and therefore, illegal,” she said according to The Daily Wire.

Sanders, who formerly served as a senior adviser to Biden, notably stated earlier this month that none of the upcoming Democrat presidential candidates will be given the opportunity to participate in a primary debate or the process at large before the 2024 election, promising, “There will be no debate stage for Robert Kennedy or Marianne Williamson or anybody else.”

Also brought up during Sanders’ appearance was the case of Moore v. Harper, which according to The Daily Wire seeks to grant more power to state legislatures with how they conduct elections, including traditional federal processes like the power of creating congressional maps.

“So, goodbye to fighting partisan, gerrymandering in state and federal court or a gubernatorial veto. The NAACP Legal Defense Fund or Marc Elias, they won’t win any more voter suppression cases because they won’t even be allowed to sue. Sayonara to mail-in ballots if the state legislature thinks they’re unnecessary,” Sanders complained.

She then turned up the heat, telling viewers that mass discrimination is on its way.

“By the way, companies could use the ruling to legally deny service to anyone, not just members of the LGBTQ plus community. So that daycare, you like, it could assert their First Amendment rights to not take Jewish families or black children. A locally owned restaurant could put restrictions on who they allow inside,” she argued.

“Given the track record of this court, you all, this is not hyperbole. Dr. Maya Angelou said, when people show you who they are, believe them the first time,” she said before delivering her final warning, urging Americans to “brace [them]selves” for what is to come.