Former British MP Says Israel ‘Forfeited Any Right to Exist’

After Israel was wrongly blamed for an explosion at a hospital in Gaza on Tuesday evening, a former British Member of Parliament (MP) declared that the Jewish state had “forfeited any right to exist.”

The explosion at the Ahli Baptist Hospital in the Gaza Strip was falsely attributed to an air strike from Israel — with mainstream media outlets reporting the fake news immediately without any evidence other than assertions from the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

Several politicians latched on to the news almost immediately, including members of “The Squad” in Congress and former Labour Party MP Chris Williamson.

In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, Williamson used the fake news to declare that Israel should be “dismantled.”

“Israel has forfeited any right to exist,” Williamson wrote in the initial post.

He then responded to critics telling him to wait for evidence before making such an abhorrent claim by declaring the entire Jewish state a “racist endeavour” and asserting that Israel was committing “genocide.”

“You know that Israel is a racist endeavour… Its brutal behaviour over 75 years is now manifesting itself in a genocide before our very eyes. Unless and until Israel is dismantled, we will never achieve peace in the region,” Williamson wrote.

The former British MP has also refused to condemn Hamas’ massacre of more than 1,400 Israelis on October 7 — claiming that the murders of civilians, women and children was justified.

“I do NOT condemn Palestine’s armed uprising against 75 years of Israeli oppression. I wish it wasn’t necessary, but all non-violent efforts to obtain justice have been spurned by Israel,” Williamson wrote.