Former Heads Of CNN And MSNBC Cannot Hide Their Media Bias

For years on end, the American people have been forced to endure repeated false narratives from the mainstream media. These platforms repeatedly run defense for Democrats, without even trying to give Republicans a fair shake.

This makes it no coincidence that trust in the media among Americans is low. Though when conservatives point out media bias, they’re often ignored or even gaslit.

Sadly, there’s no real sign of that changing anytime soon. During a recent sit-down, the former heads of CNN and MSNBC spoke in misleading terms about the bias that exists within the mainstream media.

A Sad State of Affairs
Former CNN leader Jeff Zucker and former MSNBC head Phil Griffin held a panel discussion with media host Michael Smerconish.

During this time, the media’s approach to the now-notorious Hunter Biden laptop story came up. As people now know, the corporate press intentionally discredited the true account of this laptop in order to help get Joe Biden into the White House.

Throughout the exchange, Smerconish tossed out softball questions, adding if Zucker and Griffin now believe the Hunter laptop story deserved more on-air coverage when it first broke.

Zucker said the story was “dealt with,” but not enough information was known. However, under Zucker’s oversight, CNN never hesitated to dive into anti-Trump stories, even if all the details weren’t readily available.

Next, came Griffin. The ex-MSNBC leader inferred that because Hunter Biden was “never arrested,” his laptop wasn’t exactly a “main story.” Once again, MSNBC never hesitated to repeatedly cover anti-right-wing, anti-Trump stories even when the individuals involved weren’t arrested.

Opinion reporting with a pro-leftist slant, of course, has been the bread and butter of both CNN and MSNBC. Though not once did Smerconish truly challenge Zucker or Griffin by pressing them on the disparities of how left-wing and right-wing stories were covered on their watch.

Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud
In a nutshell, CNN and MSNBC didn’t mind providing cover for a candidate they wanted in the White House.

Even if it meant censoring and suppressing a story that would have provided voters with valuable information, Zucker and Griffin were determined to get their favored candidate elected.

Unfortunately, this still looks to be the mindset of most mainstream media outlets today. The buck doesn’t stop with Zucker or Griffin.