Former Trump Official Outraged After FBI Raid of His Home

While speaking to Fox News, Clark recounted an FBI raid of his home that left him outside in his pajamas. The raid was executed at 7 a.m. when Clark said he rushed to the door when he heard “loud… insistent banging.”

Clark said, “I quickly figured out that there were agents there. I opened the door and asked for the courtesy to be able to put some pants on and was told, no, you’ve got to come outside. So I came outside.”

The raid on Clark’s residence included twelve FBI agents and two Fairfax County, Va. officers and they confiscated electronic devices including phones.

Interestingly, Clark said that the FBI used an “electronics-sniffing dog” to find devices inside of the home. Electronic-sniffing dogs are used by ICE and Operation Underground Railroad to find electronic devices that will aid their investigation into human trafficking. It’s odd that these types of resources would be used to find cellphones of former DOJ deputies.

Clark said, “There were multiple states where multiple people were roughly simultaneously raided for their electronic devices. That obviously requires a high level of coordination.”

Claims have been thrown around that many Republicans were seeking pardons from Trump before he left office, but those claims have been denied. Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) was one of the members of the House that supposedly requested pardons, but Perry said he “never sought” a pardon for himself or anyone else.

Perry tweeted that “At no time did I speak with Ms. Hutchinson, a White House scheduler, nor any WH staff about a pardon for myself or any other member of Congress — this never happened.”

There has also been no proof that it happened. The only “proof” that’s available is witness testimony that could very easily be lies.

At the hearing, former Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen testified that Clark wrongfully met with former President Donald Trump to discuss election fraud scenarios despite DOJ policy on White House contact.

To top it all off, on Thursday Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) tweeted, “After seeing what we have presented (with more to come) on the @January6thCmte, I want to say again to my fellow Republicans, it [sic] never too late to tell the truth. Redemption is always possible.”

Is Kinzinger expecting people to come begging for leniency when they likely haven’t done anything wrong?