Fox Bites Congressman at Capitol

A fox has been on the loose in the Capitol and it’s already bitten an estimated nine people. One of the victim’s is Representative Ami Bera (D-CA), but the fox has now been caught and euthanized.

Testing showed that the fox had rabies.

This story has gone so far as to have a Twitter account that’s in memory of the fox. The “fox” tweeted, “PLEASE SEE MY OFFICIAL STATEMENT BELOW!”

The statement begins by talking about a false arrest and goes on to explain that he was innocent of all charges. The letter ended with “I am a work in progress” at the end, which is very funny.

Twitter users were quick to respond to the statement with memes about Hilary Clinton. The post says, “I have information that will lead to the arrest of Hilary Clinton.”

Donald Trump Jr. Even got in on the memes and retweeted the Hilary Clinton meme saying, “Oh boy!!!”

There’s also the possibility that there is more than one fox, which would make matters worse. That would spread the virus quickly and more resources would have to be put in place to find and test all of the foxes that they come in contact with.

Correspondent reported, “Fox is told there could be more than one fox roaming the Capitol grounds. Animal control caught one Fox in the Russell Park Wed. But Fox has been told (hey, we have good sources, because, well, we’re Fox) that there may be a skulk of foxes (lookit, up folks) lurking on the grounds.”