French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron Warns ‘The Worst Is Yet To Come’ After Call With Vladimir Putin

“The worst is yet to come,” French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron stated following a lengthy phone conversation with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, which he described as “unprecedented” in terms of the length and scope of their discussions. Following the call, a senior Élysée Palace official informed reporters that a diplomatic breakthrough was unlikely. The two leaders had discussed a phone call since Ukraine’s invasion the third time. “There is nothing in Putin’s remarks today that should reassure them,” added the official.

According to a French official, Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned French President Emmanuel Macron that he intends to “continue military incursions and go all the way,” implying that he wants to take over Ukraine. “Based on the study of the military actions, Russia intends to gain control of the whole Ukraine,” the official stated.

According to the reports, “the special military operation” is Russia’s propaganda euphemism for their unlawful invasion of the nation. According to the Russian state news source RIA Novosti, the operation “would be carried out in any event.”

Moreover, Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened last week that the nuclear weapons would be used in a third global war, as he placed Russia’s nuclear forces on high alert. The warning was alarming since Russia’s preparations for an assault on Ukraine may include attacks on other nations in Eastern Europe, sparking a response from western allied forces.

Furthermore, according to Alexander Lukashenko, Russian forces appear to be contemplating an invasion of Moldova. He displayed a map of Russia’s lines of assault into Ukraine while standing in front of what seemed to be a southern Ukrainian operation into its tiny neighbor. Therefore, the Kremlin is famed for its secrecy regarding overseas activities, so this presentation is “the first glimpse into Mr. Vladimir Putin’s agenda.”