GOP Slams Biden Admin Plan For All-Electric Military Fleet

The leftist push to eradicate the internal combustion engine has intensified in recent years, with California leading the way by implementing a policy that would require all cars and trucks sold statewide to be electric vehicles by 2035. On a federal level, President Joe Biden signed an executive order calling for all U.S. government vehicles to be electric by the same year.

Such plans have received significant pushback from critics who are concerned about the strain on the power grid, the environmental impact of producing and disposing of EV batteries, and other significant challenges.

The Biden administration has also introduced a new wrinkle in the ongoing debate by signaling a desire to transform the nation’s military vehicle fleet to electric power by the end of this decade.

During a recent appearance on Capitol Hill, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm asserted that she not only favors such a plan but believes it is feasible.

“I do, and I think we can get there, as well,” she said in response to a question from Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA). “I do think that reducing our reliance on the volatility of globally traded fossil fuels where we know that global events like the war in Ukraine can jack up prices for people back home … does not contribute to energy security.”

Her testimony attracted widespread derision from lawmakers including Sen. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK), who expressed his opposition to such a plan during a subsequent Fox Business Network interview.

Mullin began by highlighting the possibility that a foreign enemy could detonate an electromagnetic pulse that would render electric-powered vehicles useless.

He also noted that charging stations will be in short supply on the battlefield, adding: “We’re going to be pulling these huge diesel generators to charge the fleets. And when they go down, instead of just simply running up there and pull it for fuel, no, we’re going to have to sit there for horse [while] these batteries charge.”

The Oklahoma Republican was hardly alone in voicing opposition to the plan.

Ernst also weighed in during an interview after Granholm’s remarks.

“This administration has taken it to the extremes with this climate agenda,” she asserted. “We are not focusing on the lethality of our American military. Instead, they are focusing on green energy and climate change.”

Both senators concluded that putting climate alarmism ahead of military readiness would only embolden America’s enemies — most notably China.