Gov. Abbott Isn’t Backing Down — Ignores Threats From NYC Mayor

In America today, illegal immigration is causing many divides that weren’t initially anticipated. Today, this is most prevalent between Texas and New York.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has been consistently asking the federal government to do its job and stop unlawful border crossings. Since the White House has repeatedly failed to rise to the occasion, Texas is taking some of its own measures against illegal immigration.

Abbott, for one thing, gave the green light for a wall to be built on the southern border. Following this, the Texas governor also provided the all-clear for migrants coming into the state to be transferred to self-proclaimed sanctuary cities, such as New York City.

Democratic Mayor Eric Adams isn’t too pleased with this. His displeasure comes despite prior claims that New York City welcomes all persons, legal or not. Since migrants have been arriving in his city, Adams has gone after Abbott.

The NYC mayor warns that he’s on the verge of having left-wing New Yorkers campaign against Abbott as the latter runs for a third term.

This week, Abbott told the Democratic mayor to bring it on.

Little Concern From the Texas Governor
When Abbott talked with Fox News, he was directly asked about the NYC mayor threatening to send busloads of leftists to campaign for his election rival, Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke.

To this end, Abbott claimed it would “make [his] day” to see Adams go through with a stunt like the one he threatened. The Texas governor then proceeded to mention that having New Yorkers stumping for O’Rourke in Texas wouldn’t be appreciated by the state’s residents.

Later, Abbott explained the race for governor in his state is about what the people of Texas want, not the political gripes of the NYC mayor or his constituents.

The Republican governor also made it clear that Texas will continue having migrants sent to New York City, despite Adams’ threats .

A Solution Proposed By Abbott
The Texas governor previously explained that if Democrats don’t like having busloads of migrants in their cities, they should take the matter up with Joe Biden.

It is the Biden administration that repeatedly refuses to put in place immigration reforms that would cut back on illegal immigration. As long as the White House maintains this position, left-wing strongholds like New York City should prepare to see more busloads of migrants.