Gov. DeSantis Explains Why So Many People are Moving

For the past couple of years, the state of Florida has been in the limelight.

Florida made headlines last year for being the very first state to put laws on the books banning vaccine passports. In addition to this, Florida has consistently pushed back against the heavy-handed mandates endorsed by Democrats and the Biden administration.

At the helm of Florida’s leadership is Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. Despite consistently coming under attack from the left, his state is thriving, thanks to his policies and leadership. As a result, there has been a massive surge in people making their new homes in Florida.

To this day, Republican voters in Florida outnumber Democratic voters by over 100,000. This is a fairly new development that occurred late last year and correlates with the inflow of new residents to the state.

As documented by Washington Free Beacon, Gov. DeSantis recently let the media know exactly why so many people are moving to Florida.

Exodus from Left-Wing Lunacy

During a press conference this week, DeSantis explained why his state is doing so well. A huge factor is Americans’ interest in escaping states that have become “dumpster fires” thanks to left-wing leadership.

DeSantis proceeded to note that those states being abandoned for Florida have done poorly overall. This claim definitely matches up with migration data from 2021.

Last year, the states that have seen the highest numbers of their citizens fleeing draconian state governments were California, Illinois and New York. All three of these states are known for serious problems with crime, high taxes and homelessness. These states also went all in with heavy-handed mandates.

Bad News for Democrats in Florida

Despite how well Florida’s economy is doing, there are still Democrats who are all too eager to take over the state and make it into a carbon copy of New York or California.

Luckily for the people of the state, this isn’t panning out so well. In South Florida, for instance, Democrats are having a hard time even finding candidates to put on the ballot.

Then, at the state level, things look just as dire. Gov. DeSantis is running for re-election and leading every single Democrat aiming to replace him. With the added advantage of GOP voters outnumbering Democrat voters in Florida, it’s safe to say that Republicans will continue to hold power in the state government, allowing common sense to prevail in at least one state in the nation.

At this time, Florida is projected to continue attracting new residents.