Virginia Governor-Elect Youngkin’s Victory Is Critical To A Red Wave In 2022

Last week, conservatives across the United States cheered when the Virginia governor’s race was finally called for businessman and Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin. Democrats sent the entirety of the leftist, socialist machine against Youngkin yet, and he still prevailed. 

While Democrats focused on portraying Youngkin as a mini-Trump, the Republican candidate-centered his campaign on policy matters that voters care about. Therefore, Youngkin was able to win over Independents, Trump voters, suburban voters, and even some Democrats who cast their ballot for Biden in 2020.

Now, Fox News is stating Youngkin’s win on Tuesday is the key to a 2022 red wave during America’s midterm elections. 

All in all, Youngkin’s win shows that when Republicans center on relevant public policy, they send Democrats packing. Fox News’ Trey Gowdy pointed this out yesterday. 

Gowdy noted conservative candidates must avoid getting tangled up in matters that voters don’t prioritize. The Fox News host additionally stated the “why” of Youngkin’s victory matters. 

For instance, one key factor in the governor-elect’s success was his ability to focus on the concerns Virginian parents had about schools and their children’s education. Youngkin let parents know he cares and will fight for them. 

Meanwhile, Terry McAuliffe dismissed parents, saying they shouldn’t be directing school boards on the educational curriculums of their children. Then, after taking heat for this, McAuliffe professed there are too many white teachers educating children in Virginia. 

In a nutshell, the outcome of the 2022 midterms will be determined by whether or not Republicans center their campaigns on relevant issues voters are concerned about. In Biden’s America, these issues entail inflation, the supply chain disaster, public safety, and more.

There will always be specific issues of more importance to the public at each point in America than others. Right now, many Americans are worried about paying more for essentials. It is a genuine issue, significantly, as the rate of inflation outpaces wages and job growth. 

Democrats are not going to prevail in the 2022 midterms. They’re openly ignoring and laughing at the issues Americans are worried about. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm laughed on national television about the prices of gas in the country. 

Days ago, Biden stated that Americans lack the intellectual capacity to know what is involved in the supply chain. At the rate things are going, the midterms are pretty much a slam dunk for Republican candidates.