Goya Donates Food and Rosaries to Ukraine

Goya Foods Inc. is reflecting its American values by donating food and rosaries to the Ukrainians. The rosaries are part of a special request by Ukrainian monks. Former Green Berets will be responsible for making the deliveries. During an interview with Fox News, the CEO of Goya Foods Bob Unanue talks about his contribution to the Ukrainians.

Back in 2020, Bob Unanue faced a huge backlash from the left for praising former President Donald Trump. But unlike many others, Unanue refused to retreat.

Goya’s sales escalated, despite the left’s threats of boycotting the company. Unanue was targeted for boycotts in the past as well, but he never backed down.

The Ukrainians are in dire need of food at the moment. The nation is known for its bountiful food supply, but a lot of small and hard-hit areas are entirely cut off from shipments of food that they rely on. In Mariupol, the most war-affected city in Ukraine, they are completely out of food.

Goya is providing Ukraine with 150,000 pounds of food. That will be a huge blessing for the hungry Ukrainians at this critical time. If need be, Goya is prepared to send them more.

Along with the food, Goya is also dispatching 15,000 rosaries, as they were requested by Ukrainian monks. According to Catholics, praying the rosary is one of the most powerful forms of prayer. Traditionally, the act of praying the rosary was part of a direction given to be practiced on the Five First Saturdays. The directive was given by Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal so that Russia would be converted to the faith.

Given the current situation in Ukraine, Unanue is hoping that the rosaries will be a source of comfort for the Ukrainians.

The donated food will be a source of great relief for the Ukrainians. Moreover, Goya offers certified kosher food, which is essential for a multi-religious nation that has a large Jewish population, demonstrating the cultural values of Goya.

Goya’s generosity is inspiring!