Grassley Speaks Out Against SCOTUS Intimidation

A draft opinion was recently leaked indicating that the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has the votes to overturn Roe v. Wade. Predictably, the left immediately lost its mind, claiming that democracy itself was under attack.

A left-wing website published the addresses of the conservatives on the court. Democratic pundits urged people to go to justice’s homes to intimidate them and their families. The mainstream media was silent on condemning this action.

There was an intense backlash to the White House’s non-position on judge intimidation. The recent leak of the draft opinion showcases how nothing is immune from the rage politics that are everywhere in America. It is unknown who leaked the opinion, but one thing is certain, they did it to try and influence the outcome.

Republicans, normally docile, have surprisingly gone on the offensive.

The backlash has risen to such a level that Jen Psaki, who is in her last week as White House Press Secretary, actually addressed the issue.

It is very telling that President Joe Biden remains silent on the issue. In a functioning democracy, Biden would have personally made a statement condemning the effort to try and intimidate judges, but has suspiciously remained silent on the issue.