Harry Reid Reunites With Other Racist Dem Senators In Valhalla

Let’s give Harry Reid a black eye worse than he gave himself. Do you think Trump punches down? I enjoy beating up on dead guys. It’s scary to fight people that are still alive because they can hit you back, and I’m small and weak, so I’d lose. But you can safely drum on dead people while they sit still and take it. I confess I bang on dead folks all day just for kicks.

The most racist senator since Robert Byrd and majority leader during the Obama years, Harry Reid, has reportedly departed Earth on the UFO that the federal government has been hiding at Area 51. A witness at the scene says he heard Reid shout, “Let’s see them, aliens.

Seriously though, as presidents and former colleagues made their remembrances after Harry Reid’s passing last month, they were laughing about the kind of characteristics that Democrats also adored Donald Trump for, like not saying goodbye before hanging up the phone.

Dems are some trifling donkeys, boy.

I just did a poll of every movie and television show with a phone call in it, and that is a perfectly acceptable and normal way to end a phone call. Dems are just enjoying pretending that Harry Reid was a charming jerk, the way they want pretending that Trump is a jerk they hate.

The truth is the Dems only respect one thing, and it’s disgusting. The only thing the Democrats respect is racism. That’s why they hold Reid as well as Trump in such high regard.

Without Harry Reid throwing his support behind Obama, people say that light-skinned Negro couldn’t have gotten all his agenda passed, but let’s not forget that Mr. Reid called Obama a light-skinned Negro.

“In Jan 2010 when the remarks came to public light, RNC Chairman Michael Steele and Senators John Cornyn and Jon Kyl called on Reid to resign his leadership position in the Senate, citing Majority Leader Trent Lott resigning because of a statement relating to race.” – Wikipedia (Steele is still one of movement conservatism’s most underrated players.)

Let’s be fair to Reid since he’s not here to speak for himself. He was probably saying some white voters might be too racist to vote for a darker-skinned guy.

It’s not like he said anything truly atrocious, like calling Obama clean and articulate. That would be even more racist than using the word negro after 1948.

Don’t let’s sit here and pretend like Harry Reid was some great hero just because he died last month. He signed over half the world to Wall Street and the MIC while Obama hypnotized you.

He hastened the march of federal socialism in America under the banner of hope and change. The result? The Affordable Care Act made health insurance left affordable, excuse me, less cheap. The renewed and snoopier Patriot Act kept civil liberties on the back burner with Democrats in power. And all they did with the GWOT was rename it the Overseas Contingency Operation and keep killing those dark-skinned negros over there.

And Dems want to keep calling the GOP racist. What? They’re like that absolute fiend of a sibling that hits you first, then runs and tells on you instead that you hit them and started it, so your mother will think it was you. Hey, keep it up, Nucky Thompsons. The moms know what’s up.

I don’t know what happened to Harry Reid when he led his party in the U.S. Senate, but I think the man’s extreme dedication to public service made it difficult for him to think for himself. Instead, he played his part as an efficient and steady instrument of the state and the general public will.

I wonder if he was more agile in his younger days as chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission from 1977 to 1981.

When a slimy charlatan attempted to pay him $12,000 to get a permit for new casino games, he called the FBI to tape the guy trying to give him the money, and when they went in to arrest him, Reid lunged at him to try to throttle him, yelling, “You son of a b**** you tried to bribe me!”

That’s more than ethically principled. It’s a deep, visceral, animal-like hatred for corruption for acts that degrade the system’s integrity. And it’s commendable.

Now I would like to offer Harry Reid’s estate some cash. Also, I need some government paperwork approved. Do you hear me, senator? I just attempted to bribe your estate! Hahahaha! Get me! When you die, I want to part with you.

Fight me, you racist donkey! All you fancy senators. You need all this other crap. You have all your laws, and your armies, and your friends, and your tricks, and your finery.

Shed all that tapestry and face me like a grown-up! Like a man, Reid. I need it. I need this. I need man love. We all do. I need that moment of contact between two men to face that moment in the heat of combat when each finds out what kind of man the other is and what kind of man he is.