Helping Ukraine Should Be A Moral Obligation

At this time, helping Ukraine in their fight against invading forces is crucial and morally imperative.

Back in October 2021, a woman was sexually assaulted on a moving train in Pennsylvania. There were many passengers on that train who stood by and did not intervene at all. It was a moral obligation for the passengers of that train to try and stop what was going on. One police officer stated, “somebody should have done something”. The situation in Ukraine is analogous to this.

The Russian are attacking a smaller and weaker nation. While we must be cautious and approach the situation with the respect it deserves, it is imperative that the U.S. help those countries that need our assistance most.

Ukrainin’s aims to continue on as an independent nation is revolves around the outcome of this war. The Ukrainians are fighting for their home and for their right to live freely. And it is the obligation of of more powerful nations to to assist them where they can.

The Russian army is facing some serious opposition from the small Ukrainian army, which is being supplied, funded and trained by the U.S. and NATO. Men with strong determination and character are required in order to stop Putin and his actions, but men like this are hard to find nowadays. But Ukraine seems to be in no short supply of such men.