Historian: Trump Calling For Violence If He Is Indicted

U.S. presidential historian Michael Beschloss said Sunday on MSNBC’s “Symone” that former President Donald Trump sent a message to his followers in his Saturday rally in Pennsylvania. That message was that “there should be violence” if charges are brought against him.

Host Symone Sanders cited a poll by YouGov and The Economist showing that 43% of Americans believe there will be a civil war in the country in the next decade.

She further noted that Republicans believe this to be likely more than Democrats, which is true but misleading. Among citizens who self-identify as “strong” Republicans or Democrats, the numbers are telling.

The poll showed that 55% of “strong” Republicans and 40% of “strong” Democrats believe that a civil war is at least somewhat likely. These are the most partisan of both parties, and “somewhat” likely is not the same as endorsing civil war or predicting that one will occur.

Beschloss responded that for the first time in U.S. history, there is an ex-president “threatening” violence if he is indicted. He went on to claim that Trump has a “warped” mind.

Then, in a decidedly un-historian approach, the NBC “presidential historian” went on his own unhinged rant.

Beschloss told Sanders that Trump, “down in his throne room in New Jersey, or wherever he is,” was telling Americans that there should be a civil war if he’s indicted. The host, of course, enthusiastically agreed with his point.

For the record, Beschloss is a partisan commentator who networks try to pass off as a nonpartisan and middle-of-the-road academic. He is frequently marched out in front of cameras on NBC’s networks as an impartial arbiter of historical truths, when he is anything but.

As has been well documented, his barbs target Republicans and conservatives, and his selective historical knowledge decidedly points in one political direction.

The FBI and Justice Department just raided former President Trump’s home, which as Beschloss should know is something that is truly unprecedented in U.S. history. The former president has not called for violence in the streets — far from it — and the “historian” knows it.