Host on ‘The View’ Blames Mass Shootings on ‘Christian nationalism’

A co-host on “The View” attempted to blame mass shootings on “the rise in violent Christian nationalism” during Tuesday’s episode of the left-wing talk show.

Tara Setmayer, who was previously a Republican, made the remarks during a discussion about the motivations behind the shooter in the tragic mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

Co-host Sunny Hostin was attempting to connect an advertisement from a gun company containing a biblical reference to the shooting when Setmayer chimed in with her absurd claims.

“It’s part of the Christian nationalism, this rise in violent Christian nationalism, that we have seen, which is also disturbing. They use biblical principles, they pervert them to justify this,” Setmayer said.

“Which is another problem, particularly in Texas, this is a growing movement,” she added. “It’s God, guns and Trump. Or God, guns and whatever. It’s a part of their ethos.”

Whoopi Goldberg, another co-host of “The View,” latched onto Setmayer’s theory and took it even further.

“It’s always been this. This was the way it was down south. They used to use the Bible and say, ‘You’re not people, God doesn’t see you as people, so we don’t see you as people,’” she claimed.

Goldberg went on to assert that AR-15 rifles need to be banned because they are meant to kill people.

“I don’t care NRA. You got to give that gun up. You can have your other ‘yee-haw guns’, whatever you want. The AR-15 is not a hunting gun. It is not a gun where you are going to go out and shoot your dinner,” she said, causing the audience to break out in applause.

“This gun is meant to kill people. That’s what it’s for. And you can’t have it anymore,” Goldberg concluded.

Of course, the left-wing talk show hosts’ comments are clearly absurd. Law enforcement officials have found no evidence linking the Uvalde shooter to any form of “Christian nationalism.” In fact, it was clear that the shooter was mentally ill, and if anything, needed God in his life to change the direction he was headed in.