‘Hostile’: Your Government’s Threat Level Since 2020

Government threat scale (ascending order): Non-existent, Minimal, Supportive, Intrusive, Hostile. The U.S. government threat needle has wavered somewhere along with this deal throughout its history. Still, since 2020, the threat level has been a sustained hostile from America’s government, with pockets of resistance in some offices, but full cooperation or complacency from most, with the mobilization of the entire population as if there is a war going on, over hysterical alarmist media propagandizing of a cold virus variant, of a cold virus we’ve known all about for decades, with no regard at all for disciplined scientific thinking to support the wild fanning of the flames of public hysteria.

The American people are free, with a chartered government following a constitution in the late 18th century. It got us this far despite how often the government failed to keep it along the way. The guarantees in the constitution are bulwarks and dams against the forces of reaction, of immense proportion, that would unwind the progress American civilization has made in safeguarding the freedom of the individual against the abuse or injury of any other and enculturating her people to bear individual liberty with competent and responsible autonomy.

The free people of this country cannot bear unlawful intrusions and encroachments upon their freedom by their own duly elected government, which swore an oath at the beginning of each term of office for all the several officials to keep and uphold the constitution. Instead, in a conspiracy of covid hysteria that subverts the constitution to the top of the U.S. federal government, offices everywhere are ordering citizens to furnish private medical records. It is a violation of the fourth amendment. Any government continuing in such a hostile manner to the constitution is an unruly and usurpation government.