How Biden’s ‘Harmful Policies’ Will Do Democrats In The Midterms

The utter collapse of the Biden Administration is undeniable. This president came into office vowing to end COVID. However, the virus has only mutated, surged, and worsened under his watch.

Meanwhile, Biden’s approval ratings plummeted to a pitiful 36% towards the end of 2021. It happened after the president engendered a series of crises ranging from a bottlenecked supply chain to southern border problems, inflation, and more.

The start of this new year brings Americans one step closer to the congressional midterm elections. Likewise, the miscalculations and poor decisions of the Biden Administration have successfully ensured that Democrats will be swept aside by a red wave in November, as Fox News reports.

While giving an interview to Fox News over the weekend, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee explained the extent to which Democrats have made a mess of things.

Huckabee stated that instead of Biden keeping his vow to shut down COVID, he shut down the economy with unwanted mandates that exacerbated labor shortages. Biden’s shut down of the economy was also carried out via his spending bills that passed into law and then triggered mass inflation.

The former Arkansas governor then stated that no one in America could look around at what’s happening and objectively say that the nation is on the right track. However, the one silver lining to all the induced mayhem from the Biden administration is the massive red wave coming in November.

Huckabee explained to Fox News that this red wave would not only pertain to the US House of Representatives and the Senate. This year will also include the various gubernatorial, county commission, city council elections, and other races in America.

One clear sign of this year’s impending red wave occurred last year when Virginia Republicans won back control of the commonwealth after it was under the control of Virginia Democrats for over one decade.

Despite the very grave nature of America’s challenges, our country has confronted worse and ultimately come out on top. The United States can power through present challenges and ultimately prevail.

November’s midterm races will be a pivotal factor in this fight, as will other elections across the United States. If there’s one thing Democrats did last year, they’ve shown to everyone in America why they can’t handle power, especially the monopolistic power they currently have in the federal government.

This year gives Americans a chance to begin undoing all the wrong decisions leftists have made in their mad quests for more control.