Hundreds Protest Disney Wokeness at California Headquarters

Hundreds of protestors gathered at Disney’s California headquarters on Wednesday to demonstrate against what they charge is the once family-friendly company’s swing to wokeness and left-wing activism.

“Boycott Disney” was a common refrain outside the Burbank facility as the demonstration, organized by Christian activist group Hold the Line, railed against a variety of recent actions by the entertainment giant. The company recently lashed out at Florida’s new Parental Rights in Education law, falsely branded as “Don’t Say Gay.”

The law prohibits classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity from kindergarten to third grade.

The company, which initially did not take a position on the proposal, later caved in to a worker walkout and issued a statement against the measure. Disney said it opposed the legislation and stands “in solidarity and support of our LGBTQIA+ Cast, Crew and Imagineers.”

A Disneyland employee described as a “cast member” addressed the protestors and told of the difficulty in having traditional values in a company that has become very political. She urged Disney workers who are afraid to be “bold” and “courageous” to “stand up for righteousness.”

Conservative critics blast the company for enabling many who want to indoctrinate children beginning with 4-year-olds. If Disney wants to be the worldwide leader in woke entertainment, that’s their business. But choosing to support a company that hurls derision on your faith and values is the business of young families. And, what’s more, young families have an increasingly difficult time ponying up for that business.

A recent report shows a family of four that visits Disney World for five days, a typical vacation length, needs to spend over $6,000 on average at the park. AT the park. Getting there, parking, snacks and souvenirs are extra. This is fun for the whole family that millions of families cannot begin to afford.

It is difficult to imagine a good outcome for Disney in this controversy. A nearly century-old entertainment company built on a core audience of children and young families seems bent on ripping that bond to shreds. Parents are still the decision-makers for young children, and if Disney is intent on appeasing the radical left at the expense of middle America, middle America will find other sources of art and entertainment for its children.