Hunter Biden Criminal Investigation Heats Up

After almost two years of revelations trickling out from the infamous abandoned Hunter Biden laptop, sources are saying that federal prosecutors have reached a “critical stage” in the investigation into potential illegal activity by the president’s drug-addicted son.

Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss is reportedly considering filing formal charges against Biden following the end of the grand jury’s term last month. Sources revealed that among the charges being considered are tax violations, foreign lobbying violations, and making false statements to federal officials.

Weiss was appointed to his position by President Donald Trump.

Fox News reported that its source said no final decision has been reached on possible charges and stressed that the investigation into Biden is continuing.

It was first reported in December 2020 that the federal grand jury in Delaware was investigating Biden. At that time, Biden was classified as a “target.” That means there was a “high probability” that the person being investigated had committed a crime. By comparison, a “subject” is a person who investigators “don’t know for sure” has violated criminal statutes.

The Hunter Biden investigation has been based in part on Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) that detail suspicious financial transactions with foreign entities. A source told Fox News that the SARs primarily involved China along with other foreign nations.

SARs are typically filed by financial institutions who see “something out of the ordinary about a particular transaction,” according to a Treasury Department official who spoke with Fox News. SARs are often critical evidence in tax evasion and money laundering prosecutions.

Even corporate media outlets like CNN have reported on the indications that criminal charges are impending. It reported that at least one charge might be predicated on Biden’s false statements on the form he completed when purchasing a firearm.

Biden reportedly failed to disclose his prior and ongoing drug use when he bought a handgun in 2018. After he bought the gun, his girlfriend at the time found it in a car and threw it away in a trash bin, apparently concerned it was dangerous for Hunter to have it in his possession.

CNN’s reporting indicated prosecutors might only go forward on tax violations and the gun purchase. That could provide an exit path for Joe Biden regarding illegal foreign lobbying involving businesses he had a stake in.