Hunter Biden Wants To Be The Next Jackson Pollack Or Vincent Van Gogh


After a successful career in the Ukrainian oil industry and Chinese investments, Hunter Biden has decided to pursue his other passion: art.

At 51 years old, Hunter has discovered a hidden talent. At least George W. Bush waited until retirement and was a halfway decent painter.

In case you think this is a joke: you are right!

But the joke is on us. When you think that the Biden Administration could not get any lower, they blow up the basement and keep digging.

Why would anyone pay Hunter Biden for art? Is this supposedly an indication of the influx of new money looking for up-and-coming artists? Or is this a way around campaign finance, tax regulations, and US bribery laws? We will never know.

These two men are ridiculous parodies of a father and son story. Dad teaches his son to treat people of other races with contempt, the son goes on to father illegitimate children, dad cheats his way to the Presidency, the son continues to live off his father’s name, and dad runs the country into the ground. Humor ensues!

Hunter Biden’s “artwork” is created by blowing through a straw. That is not a joke, except it is funny.

He may get up to $500,000 per painting. You heard that right, and Hunter Biden is selling art your five-year-old child could make in kindergarten for more than your house.

Supposedly by creating anonymity for the buyers of Biden masterpieces at auctions, this will prevent him from influence peddling for his dad. Except for the names of buyers will leak out, in drops and drips.

According to Georges Berges Gallery spokeswoman Robin Davis on CBS News, Hunter Biden will be in New York to set up a large show and Los Angeles for a more intimate private one. David said, “He’s looking forward to it. It is like someone debuting in the world. And of course, he will be there (buyers) will be vetted so whoever is appropriate will be attending.” You are not invited, so don’t ask at the door.

She said they have this all planned out, “Where he will work in his profession within appropriate safeguards. We have set up a system which we feel is appropriate. Hunter Biden, just like any child of a president, should be able to pursue their professions and their passions, and any selling of the art will be through the gallerist.”

So, this “system” means that Xi, Putin, or any other particular interest group will not be using cutouts and intermediaries to fund Hunter Biden’s next scandal involving some combination of crack, strippers, guns, laptops, and foreign countries, not necessarily in that order.