Hunter Biden’s Former Business Partner Just Spilled The Beans

At this point, it’s a well-known fact that first son Hunter Biden has used his father’s name for years in order to cut corners and do business with various foreign nations. Joe Biden, despite his claims to the contrary, has also been an active participant in his son’s overseas business affairs.

All of this and more has been revealed via information recovered on Hunter’s laptop that he abandoned at a computer repair shop. Naturally, the Biden administration continues insisting the president and the first son haven’t done anything wrong.

Unfortunately for the Biden family, however, Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of Hunter Biden, is spilling the beans.

FBI Hiding the Bidens’ Dirty Laundry?
While speaking with Fox News recently, Bobulinski provided some information that lends credence to theories of the FBI covering up for the Biden family.

According to Hunter’s ex-business partner, the FBI conducted an hours-long interview with him and promised to follow up, yet never did. Bobulinski said he spoke to the FBI in the weeks leading up to the 2020 presidential election day.

The conversations in question revolved around international trips, Bobulinski’s relationship with the Biden family, and particulars about various settled business arrangements.

Bobulinski informed Fox News that FBI agents appeared receptive to what he had to say and were clearly taken aback by certain details provided.

The former business partner of Hunter Biden also stressed that for the FBI not to follow up could pose national security risks, due to Joe Biden now being the leader of the free world.

What Really Happened After the Interview?
Since Bobulinski’s interview with Fox News, social media has been lighting up with various theories about why the FBI never followed up with him, despite promising to do so.

Some have speculated the FBI agents in question did intend to follow up, yet were dissuaded not to by officials higher up on the totem pole. Other theories suggest that members of the Biden family have employed specific measures of their own to avoid being held legally accountable.

Either way, the information provided in Bobulinski’s interview is quite troubling. In the end, it raises more questions about how deep corruption in the Biden family goes and whether or not participants in this corruption will ever truly be held accountable.