If Russia Invades Ukraine And Targets Americans, Then Biden Will React ‘Forcefully’

Playing chicken with Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden seems to think he can up the threat level and convince Russia to back down. He promised to react if Russia targets Americans. So, now according to Biden, Russia must be careful in an assault on Ukraine to only kill Ukrainians or other nationalities.

Biden additionally vowed to protect NATO allies with the full power of America. However, during the elevated conflict in Eastern Europe, he likewise indicated he would not send US troops to guard Ukraine.

The anti-President sock puppet Biden said that he believes that the United States should shield the NATO territory with American power. He continued with a line out of pre-World War I, an assault against one NATO nation is an assault against us all. That is a spark that could light the Tinder Box.

Biden explained that the US would not send American soldiers to Ukraine but that the US will support the Ukrainian military. It was the old Obama-Biden playbook, blackmailing the nation with the promise of foreign aid as a way to get your son a high-paid make-work board position with Burisma.

Biden promised that the American military would not war with Russia in Ukraine. But the US has provided the Ukrainian military hardware, weapons, and logistical support to assist them in shielding themselves. He also said we had prepared them with training and intel to prevent a Russian incursion. He did not say anything about the nuclear class submarine found swimming in the Black Sea. Russia has over 130,000 troops amassed on the border between Ukraine and Russia, and they may be met with fire from heaven.

A little history is in order. The Rus were the inhabitants of Russia and Belarus, who may have been Scandinavian Vikings who explored the eastern edges of Europe and western Asia. They occupied the Baltic coast and established the combined state among the eastern Slavs, centering on Kyiv, according to German antiquarian philologists Gottlieb Siegfried Bayer (1694-1738) and August Ludwig von Schlözer (1735-1809). The Rus later stretched their nation to Kyiv, making it the cornerstone of their empire. In the nineteenth century, this hypothesis was progressed by the Danish philologist Vilhelm Thomsen (1842-1927) and the German-Russian antiquarian philologist Ernst Eduard Kunik (1814-99). Putin wants to relive history and take over an ancient homeland.

GOP legislators reported that they would propose sanctions against Russia if it attacks Ukraine. Putin counted further delays as bipartisan debates on approvals bill wavered as the Senate moved toward an impending break. Biden revealed that Russia had positioned more than 150,000 soldiers around Ukraine and Belarus. But, he thinks that they are walking back if that sounds inconsistent and confusing. Welcome to the US foreign policy under Biden.

He wants the citizens of Russia to know that they are not our adversaries. He recommends that they abandon their dreams of a conflict against Ukraine, a nation with deep family ancestry and cultural ties. He also called on the common bonds of friendship between the US and Russia, formerly the USSR, while completely ignoring the fact that the Cold War conflict nearly resulted in nuclear annihilation.