If There Was No Election Fraud, Then Why Did Georgia Polling Locations Destroy Evidence?

Often criminals give away their illegal activity with further violations of the law. They say that the cover-up is worse than the crime. Recordings that would have proven that voting in Georgia was tampered with have mysteriously been destroyed. I wonder why?

Prosecuting the crime of destroying evidence is not a priority for the Biden Department of Justice led by AG Merrick Garland or Georgia state law enforcement. Researching voter fraud from Georgia’s 2020 election is not exactly at the top of their list.

“True The Vote” is a voter integrity advocacy group that has found evidence of voter harvesting. It is unlawful in Georgia. However, video evidence that corroborates some of these crimes has been eradicated.

If the election were up and up, they would hold records to demonstrate it. They appear to be participating in a cover-up and ought to be busted for violating the law. Any elections official who wanted to maintain the integrity of the vote would have held the records.

Fulton and Cobb Counties, surrounding the Atlanta metro area, were one of the primary locations of election fraud. Still, they did not keep the proof and instead covered criminal activity. Officials decided to trash all the video reconnaissance film that checked on the drop boxes introduced around Georgia. During the pandemic, drop boxes were used to collect votes, and these locations were supposed to be under surveillance to protect the integrity of Georgians right to vote.

Authorities in certain counties where voter fraud was prevalent said they disposed of the recordings. Under emergency rules, the Georgia State Elections Board only saved the recordings 30 days after the political race. The Georgia Secretary of State and State Election Board allowed the Cobb County elections office to erase the video from 2020. Drop boxes were set up under an emergency request from the Governor, and the Cobb County officials were not compelled to retain the evidence.

The state is examining illegal voting. Video evidence could show how unattended drop boxes were used to collect votes in Georgia in the 2020 political race. The only way to prove that these drop boxes were misused has disappeared. Of course, the webcam was not posted on the internet so that each resident could turn into a poll watcher. That would be too easy and transparent.

This video system is a sham, a ploy to make people feel like they are being protected when they are not. Of course, key districts run by Democrats had inflated totals to get Democrats in office. The Georgia State Elections Board, including David J. Worley, Rebecca N. Sullivan, Matthew Mashburn, Anh Le, and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, mysteriously requested that counties hold onto the recording for 30 days 22-month time frame commanded by Georgia law. COVID-19 concerns allowed the election to be perverted and gave these people a convenient excuse to encourage voter fraud.

Ballot harvesting is vote fraud, and one agent said he was paid $45,000 to gather Democrat ballots. But, there is nothing to see here.